Watch our baby goat jump on the trampoline!

This is just too cute not to share!

I mainly post about health and nutrition, but ya’ll know that every now and then I sprinkle in some of our random life on the farm – our little backyard farm in the city – that is! I love our lifestyle!

My youngest human child went out to the trampoline and our baby goat – named Oreo – followed him up the little staircase wanting to jump as well. Oreo has got to be the sweetest little goat we’ve ever met. Magnolia, who we’ve had since she was just a baby, gave birth to Oreo about 2 months ago. It was love at first sight for our fam!

He’s such a curious little dude. He’s infamous for squeezing through a small gap in the corral fence so he can explore the front of our property – and he particularly loves to greet us at the front door when he hears our car pull up! When I leave to get the kids from school, he hops into the car to come with me!

Just this weekend, my husband (←click to see him at his “hangriest” LOL)- who was initially totally against us having goats at all (because he worried they’d eat his batting cage) – has a soft spot in his heart for Oreo and let’s him come into the house because his cuteness and eagerness is irresistible. Oreo thinks he’s one of the dogs, not a goat!

Oreo thinks he’s one of the dogs!

Anyway, here’s video of Oreo on the trampoline with my youngest.

This is how we get our exercise around here! Next up just might be some Goat Yoga – what do ya’ll think?! Comment below and let me know if you want to see Oreo make more appearances on Wholesomely Healthy!

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