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I’ve spent the past few months talking with many parents about the biggest challenges they face when it comes to feeding their family and staying active – and by that I mean nutritious meals and actual exercise, not pizza every other night and chasing their toddler around at bedtime (I use this example because it used to be the story of my life).

In this day, parents have jam-packed schedules – especially working parents. By the time the kids are home from school and parents are home from work, there’s often so much else going on – homework, sports practices, piano lessons, recitals, dinner, bedtime, thank-god today is over… oh-crap, what are they gonna eat for lunch tomorrow? – REPEAT. Weekends are then consumed with games, birthday parties, and lord knows what else. In the rare times that parents do find some down-time for their families, they are typically too exhausted to do more than a load of laundry and a give the house a quick clean before starting the same exhausting week over on Monday.

Maybe you can relate to this – if so, kudos to you for accomplishing everything you do!! I’m being serious. I’m a stay-home-mom and I still have such a tough time fitting everything that needs to be done into each day – and I remember what it was like to do it all while I was working – and it sucked. So to those of you who do it all while working outside of the home – y ‘all are my heroes! Parenting is tough, and when you add trying to ensure your family eats healthy and gets exercise on top of it all… well, that’s super hard, especially when fast food is less expensive and more convenient, and when relaxing on the couch sounds so much better than packing the kids in the car for a trip to the park.

My family knows the struggle all too well which is why, for our sanity, we were forced to implement healthier habits and a more structured routine which, if I’m being totally honest, was crazy tough to do at first. But… Brent and I got SO fed up with being ridiculously tired and feeling so sluggish and burnt out ALL the time and not having the energy to do things with our kids, and felt such parent-guilt over not feeding them better foods, that we had no choice but to make some changes. Those of you who know our family have seen the progressive changes over the past years. Since implementing these changes, our entire family is healthier and way more active! Long-gone are the days of vegging out on the couch and feeling parent-guilt!

Since becoming a Certified Health Coach, I’ve been working primarily with women – mostly other mamas! But what I’ve realized – and can relate to – is that moms struggle to do things for ourselves – such as focus on our diet and exercise – when our instinct is to put our partner’s and children’s needs before our own. As a mom, maybe you really want to begin a nutrition plan, but all you can seem to find are meal plans that include salmon and tilapia and endless broccoli – all the things your family thinks are disgusting. You’re a busy mama and you don’t have time to prepare a meal for yourself AND a whole separate meal for the rest of your family. Maybe you really want to join a gym, but you had to choose between the cost of a gym membership, or the cost of your son’s monthly sports dues, and well, your wants take the backseat – again. Maybe time and money aren’t as much an issue for you, but you just weren’t ever taught healthy eating habits during your childhood and therefore aren’t sure how to implement healthier changes for your kiddos. Whatever your case may be, I feel ya, I really do! This goes for the dads out there too!

This is why I’ve spent the past several months shifting my focus from helping just other women to helping other families. Rather than continuing to create meal plans and workout routines aimed at solely women’s health needs, I’ve been developing meal plans and workout routines that are totally family-friendly! What do I mean by that? Keep reading, I promise I’m almost done…


Starting TODAY, you can sign up your adorable family for my 30 Day Family Challenge that kicks off Monday, April 1st.



Family-Friendly Meal Plan (breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner) – I’m talking budget-friendly meals that are easy to make (your little ones will LOVE helping in the kitchen and learning new skills) and that even your picky-eaters will love. No more wondering what to eat or what to pack in the lunchboxes!

√ Weekly Printable Grocery Lists – Get in & out of the store quickly without guessing your ingredients or throwing unnecessary items in your cart. These lists keep you on track with your food AND your finances! Each week, I’ll also share coupons that may apply to your local grocery store!

√ Recipe Book – TONS of delicious recipes to keep your family eating clean throughout the day! Includes such a variety of meals and snacks that there’s guarantee to be something for everyone in your fam.

30 Day Success Manual: My manual is filled with my best nutrition coach practices to keep your family on-track with eating better and moving more. You’ll not only learn to detox your body, but also your home, to improve your family’s health and gain energy, mental clarity, improved sleep, improved mood and less stress. Also included is a Go-To Food Guide for swapping foods and learning portion control, plus SO much more!


√ Weekly Family-Friendly Workout Plan: You’ll get a week-in-view workout plan for each week of the program and won’t have to guess what workout to do next. Each workout is something your entire family can do from home in just 30 minutes (or incorporate into your gym routine)! My workouts are designed to be fun and supportive while burning fat and building muscle. These will get your family moving in ways they’ll love, plus, you’ll be setting such great examples for your precious kiddos!


Accountability is key to success and sticking to any program is much easier when you don’t try to go it alone. Not only will you have your entire family doing this Challenge with you, but you’ll also have my family and several other families right there with you!

√ Motivation: You’ll receive a short motivational post from me each morning, that’s filled with inspiration and tips & tricks to help your family stay on track!

√ Private Facebook Group: This is everyone’s FAV part…. connecting and forming lasting friendships with other families on similar health journeys. Additionally, in our private group, my family will share live workouts (be prepared to laugh hysterically), funny but educational videos that even your kiddos will love, offer mini challenges with prizes, teach how to give your pantry and fridge makeovers and how to use ‘Traffic Light Eating’ to help your kiddos make healthier choices, share our weekend activities like hiking and sports, extra recipe favorites to include sports snacks, and more. This is also where you’ll have complete access to me as your health coach to ask questions and get support. As this private group will contain SO MUCH BONUS MATERIAL that will drastically affect your family’s success, it is mandatory that you join this group and stay engaged here. Plus, it will be FUN for the whole family!!!! 

√ Goal Setting Guide: My family will guide yours through the process of defining a clear set of achievable goals and check-in to make sure your fam is sticking to the plan.

Can we count your family IN?

If you want to join our 30 Day Family Challenge and receive a month’s worth of family-friendly meal plans, yummy recipes, printable grocery lists, at-home family-fitness workouts, all our tips & tricks, and a personal certified health coach, join our challenge below by following two easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out the form below

Step 2: Purchase your 30 Day Family Challenge GOODIES via PayPal below:

For just $49.99, you’ll get the following: 

  • Month’s worth of family-friendly meal plans
  • Printable Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Recipe Book
  • At-Home Family-Fitness Workouts
  • Success Manual with valuable tips & tricks
  • Unlimited access to a Certified Health Coach throughout the Challenge
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group w/live videos, mini-challenges & prizes, daily motivation, and connect to other families
  • & more!


After completing Steps 1 & 2 above, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours and an invitation to join our Private Facebook Group for early access to helpful material and videos! Then hang in there while other families join our challenge. The week before the Challenge begins, you’ll receive (via email and the FB Group) ALL of your Challenge GOODIES (meal plans, recipe book, grocery lists, success manual, etc.) so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare to kick this challenge off on Monday, April 1st! 

My family is totally looking forward to spending the month of April with you as we implement – together – healthier eating and a more active lifestyle for wholesome health! Get your family signed up today, and let’s connect!

Yours in health, – JD


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