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Want to sleep better at night? Did you know that your diet can affect your sleep? Yep, that’s right – what you eat throughout the day, and more specifically – at night – can help you sleep better by increasing the levels of serotonin in your brain.

In addition to avoiding caffeine and nicotine, which stimulate wakefulness, and refined sugar which can cause indigestion and insulin levels to rise – thus interfering with hormones that produce sleep – a diet that is low-fat and high-fiber is recommended to help you catch those Z’s!

Use this Eating for Better Sleep FREE Meal Plan to help improve your sleep! Click the link, adjust the # of people you’re feeding in your family, then “start using this meal plan” (creating an account is free and gives you access to all my other recipes and lists). You can download your recipes and grocery lists, enjoy your yummy meals, then get those full 8 hours of sleep your body NEEDS each night (Netflix can wait, girl – love yourself enough to get to bed earlier)!

Don’t forget to share this free meal plan with a friend, and holler at me HERE if you’d like more made-for-you meal plans or a free consultation!

Access the FREE Meal Plan, including printable grocery list, HERE!

Access the FREE Meal Plan HERE!

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