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As you may already know, I kinda wrote a book, and then published it and it’s out TODAY… so I’m over here with all the feels right now – I’m nervous, anxious and nauseous, but also feeling accomplished and hopeful that my story may help another woman feel empowered. Having your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health in alignment is a HUGE part of being Wholesomely Healthy, so I’m praying this book helps someone out there in some way!

Becoming a published author is a dream I’ve had since I was a kid, so seeing my book for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is like WOAH! At the same time, how vulnerable I allowed myself to be is terrifying.

If you care to get a copy, the link is below, but I have one request (actually, I have two)….

1. Please be aware that I was not the only victim in my story. The ripple effect reached far and wide within my family and while I was ready to share my story, that doesn’t mean everyone else is ready to share theirs. Therefore, please respect my family by not commenting on or questioning them personally about my book’s contents. If they want to talk to you about it, they will.

2. Please share! Tell your friends about Dear Pervert, or send a copy to a woman you want to empower ♥ and leave your review when you’ve finished reading it.

Thank you!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s OFFICIAL… Dear Pervert is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Get your copies here:

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle (e-book)

Barnes & Noble Paperback – Coming Soon

Barnes & Noble Nook (e-book)


In Jalena’s riveting memoir, Dear Pervert, she boldly shares her story of enduring the undeniable and unavoidable pain of being victimized by someone she trusted most. She bravely speaks directly to the man who sexually abused her throughout her childhood, spilling all of his dirty little secrets as she recalls the horrific things he did to her and reflects on how she has progressively coped – and also the soul-crushing embarrassing times she just couldn’t cope – with the trauma. Jalena also reflects on how she utilized this experience to recover and reclaim herself mentally, emotionally, physically and most of all, spiritually, as she describes the ways this has shaped her into the wife, adoptive mother and healthful lifestyle coach she is today, and how her tumultuous relationship with God ultimately came to grips.

More than calling her abuser out on his perverted ways, Jalena speaks to her fellow sisters – women and girls everywhere – because 1 in 3 can relate in some way and need to know they are not alone and their voices do matter! They CAN stop being a victim to their pain and start healing from their trauma. Her vulnerability shines through on each page as her message offers hope to all.





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