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Good morning!! I do two things before I get out of bed each morning – reach over to my bedside night stand and take my thyroid medicine (gotta have it on an empty stomach and the sooner I take it, the sooner I can make myself some coffee) and scroll through my phone to check emails and social media notifications. This particular morning, I had an email from cover model/badass entrepreneur/life-coach Angelike Norrie…. WHAT?! Heyyyyyy girrrrrl!angelike

Anywho, Angelike, like the loving, generous person she is, gifted me with an invitation to join the Women’s Health Summit 2019: The Online Gathering of the Year to Jumpstart Your Health, Feel Vibrant Every Day, and Create the Life You Love where she will be one of the many expert keynote speakers. This is a totally awesome opportunity to get inside the minds of some POWERFUL health and personal development experts such as Kerry Tepedino (internationally recognized Holistic Health Practitioner, author of Love Yourself Thin), Brad Kearns (podcast host. NYT best selling author, former professional triathlete), Dr. Ruby Lathon (ya’ll, after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2007 and resolving to find an alternative to surgery, she discovered how to use food as medicine… she’s living PROOF that the body can heal itself, not to mention her recipes and podcast are ah-mazing), and more!


Umm, YES please! And umm, for free? Ohhh heck yeah. Angelike hooked me up with this opportunity for free and said I can share it with a few girlfriends. Sooooo, if you want the opportunity to sit back, watch from your smartphone or laptop, and learn how to do things like:

  • Break the “life is hard” mentality that’s hurting you
  • Reduce your stress and enjoy your life more
  • Stop sabotaging yourself, so you can finally reach your health goals
  • Create a peaceful relationship with yourself and understand your worth
  • Liberate yourself from unwanted weight, so you can finally feel free
  • Become an Intuitive Eater and stop emotional eating
  • Learn to rebound from adversity and come back stronger than ever

then girl, join me in the Women’s Health Summit 2019 by registering HERE!

Comment below after you’ve gained your access so I know who’s in this with me!

I know this post isn’t as cool as receiving a personal invitation from Angelike Norrie herself, but I’m the next best thing (I kid-I Kid)! Enjoy, ladies! Love you all!!!


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  1. Christy B | 21st Feb 19

    So cool!

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