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About 2 weeks ago, my family started building a Koi Pond in the corral part of our little acre backyard farm – I know y’all are waiting on that DIY post – it’s coming soon… promise. In the meantime, here’s a video preview…

Anyways, while searching for plants for the pond (which are apparently pretty difficult to find in Arizona), we met a wonderful woman named Victoria who runs a small business from her home called AZ Water Garden Oasis. She grows her own plants, herbs, veggies, fruits, etc in her lovely greenhouse and garden. She was sweet as pie and welcomed my four curious kids and me into her backyard oasis as she helped me chose plants for our pond and allowed us to explore her koi ponds, greenhouse and garden. The kids were amazed by how large her koi are and were in heaven by the beauty of it all… so was I! It’s wintertime here in AZ which means we wear flip flops and t-shirts during the day, but boots and sweaters in the mornings and evenings. Even though many of her garden and pond plants are dormant right now, it really was a beautiful site and we cannot wait to return in the springtime when everything is flourishing!

After exploring and choosing our pond plants, my daughters noticed pomegranate trees on the side of the house. Since my girls are anything but shy and pomegranate is their fave, they asked if they could pick one. Victoria gave them a bag and told them to fill it up, then she laughingly pointed out to me that this area was her “margarita garden” where she has everything except tequila and ice. Next to her pomegranate trees were lime trees. I told her I now know where to visit for Happy Hour before we thanked her and hugged goodbye.

After returning home and planting our pond plants, the kids and I placed the fresh Basil Victoria had given us in a cup of water so it can regrow on our window ledge. We then decided to use our kitchen scraps – lettuce, celery, onions, potatoes, pomegranate seeds, garlic and pineapple – to regrow some more food.

After just two days in water, the garlic cloves already have roots and green sprouts starting and the pineapple has little baby roots started as well!

I love that my kiddos are learning how to regrow foods so easily rather than letting foods go to waste, and I love even more knowing where my food is coming from and that no pesticides or chemicals are being used on them. When it’s time to move these from water cups near the window to pot them in the garden, we have an abundance of free fertilizer in the animal corral… it sounds truly disgusting, but the chicken, goat and horse poo that’s been mixed with the straw, hay and dirt in the corral then composted with our other scraps (egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, paper towels, fruit & veggie scraps, dead leaves, grass clippings, etc) make for really healthy fertilizer for our garden. The chicken poo contains a good amount of potassium. Horse manure can give new plants a jump start while providing essential nutrients for continual growth. Goat manure also makes great fertilizer because it has a more balanced pH and less salt.

But hey, that’s enough crap talking.

Back to the good stuff – our DIY Margarita Garden and how we are making it organically and for FREE!

We decided to go with pomegranate trees (because we are growing the seeds from the pomegranates Victoria gave us. See how here), pineapple trees (which will take a long time to produce new fruit but patience is a virtue. See the process here), strawberries (because DUH – who doesn’t love a strawberry margarita? See how to grow seeds from the strawberries you already have here) and lime trees (do I need to explain this one?! But really – lime trees can be regrown from clippings… check it out here).

Now if only I could make my own tequila!! Not only is tequila a probiotic thanks to its fructans (more on that here, but when drank in moderation, it also cleanses the colon (because tequila is made from the blue agave plant that contains fructans which are not digestible and therefore helps fight colon disease), can aid in weight loss because the agavins act like dietary fiber, helps fight dementia, aids in digestion, and is a cold-buster, plus researchers have discovered that tequila can help people with type 2 diabetes! Just remember, it’s all about moderation (besides – most of us likely already have our fair share of tequila stories – cue Joe Nichols ↓).

Over Christmas break, we will be taking all the old wood pallets that have been stacked in the corner of our backyard for the past year and upcycling them to make raised garden beds in our front yard (so the goats can’t eat everything for themselves) to transfer the strawberries, celery, lettuce, onions, potatoes, basil, garlic and whatever else we grow in the meantime to, then surround the garden with the pomegranate, pineapple and lime trees to create our own beautiful little organic food growing garden!


I can’t wait to update ya’ll on how our DIY Margarita Garden turns out! I’m looking forward to a blended margarita come summertime (the kids can have a blended fruit drink too – just minus the tequila)! What do you think? Is one in your future too? Let me know in the comments!

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