A Productive Day, Indeed!

🚦Traffic Light Eating 🚦 is probably my fav thing Dr. Sears taught me while becoming a Certified Health Coach. It’s something I’ve since taught my kids, and they LOVE identifying green, yellow & red foods.

TRAFFIC LIGHT EATING is a great general rule of thumb for anyone implementing healthier eating. If you find yourself reaching for snacks this week, go for green!

Green means “go”

Yellow tells us to “slow down”

Red means “stop” and think

Green Light Foods 

Green light foods are “grow” foods. You can eat as much as you want of these foods, which include all fruits and vegetables. Green light foods are: grown and not manufactured, low in calories, high in nutrients, colorful, and usually can be eaten raw.

Yellow Light Foods

Yellow light foods are “slow down” foods. These foods are okay to eat everyday, in moderation. Yellow light foods include: pasta, rice, bread, tortillas, noodles, eggs, lean meat, chicken, low fat yogurt, nuts and seeds, olive oil, soy foods, whole grains, fish, low fat cheese, and vegetable oil.

Red Light Foods

Red light foods are “stop” and think foods. When we come across a red light food, we should make a different choice or eat a smaller portion. Red light foods are low in nutrients; high in calories, fat or sugar; or contain artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, or trans-fats. They include: butter, cookies, candy, frozen yogurt, fatty meats, pastries, chips, and white bread.

Today is Day 1 of my Little Black Dress Project. I have 17 wonderful ladies in my program, committed to following my meal plans, workouts and coaching. My fam is following the program too, so I spent the afternoon preparing dinners for the week to refrigerate or freeze because this week is jam packed with practices and work! I’d normally do this on Sunday after church, but we had a baseball tournament, then went to a friend’s house with all the kids and watched the movie Jumanji outside on a big, inflatable screen with pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate (yes, we indulge from time to time)!

Our dinners for the week include Creamy Vegetable Soup, Detox Salad w/ homemade Balsamic, Paprika Salmon, Roasted Broccoli, Roasted Sweet Potato, One Pan Balsamic Chicken & Veggies, and Roasted Italian Sausage & Vegetables! My house smells delicious and I feel relieved I don’t have to cook throughout the week. My fam has healthy meals to just heat up and eat!

But before cooking all our dinners, I spent the morning picking up our groceries I ordered online (thank you Fry’s ClickList) then giving my pantry and fridge a total makeover (also something I learned to do more efficiently in school). Our green & some yellow light foods are in the fridge and on the counter, but a majority of our yellow and the little red light foods we do have are in our pantry.

When my husband built this pantry for me (I seriously LOVE it) he was smart and put a lock on the door. Not only does this keep our kiddos from eating everything the same day we buy it (anyone else have kids that do this?), but it keeps all of us from mindless snacking. We have to get the key before going in which allows us time to reconsider if we really NEED something from the pantry, or if we should grab an apple or some veggies & hummus instead.

And yep, that entire top shelf is our superfood overflow because God forbid we ever run out of meal replacement shakes (plus I stock up on our limited-time seasonal flavors like mocha, pumpkin spice, salted caramel and others), mommy-juice, pre/post workout, energy shots and all the other goodies delivered to our door for free each month!

I call this a productive day!

If you’d like some guidance in giving your pantry and fridge a makeover, or want a meal plan for your fam, please reach out to me! This is my jam!!



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