Freedom Friday

Throughout the week, I posted letter board pics on my personal Facebook page with a # of the day of the week….

#Monday 177B5F94-E335-4A17-A97F-13BB816EBEE1

#Tuesday B6357234-1726-4112-8779-9CC7E063D085.jpeg

#Wednesday 901DEFB3-AC42-437D-A098-1B677A68B0E5

#Thursday 695912D9-00B1-4418-8754-821413360BFE

But today’s is by far my FAV, because it’s OURS.

#Friday 1FBD845A-CD16-442B-85D6-B57838833245.jpeg

As we prepare for the 🍂 fall season 🍁 the kids and I reflected on our gratitude for the Friday’s we get to spend freely. Together. Exploring. Learning. Loving.

We are grateful for Brent, who is our rock and provider. We are grateful for our family and friends who are always there for us. We are grateful for our home and all our animals. We are grateful for all the new things we get to experience. We are grateful for our health. We are grateful for residual income that allows me the freedom to work when and where I want.

I remember what it used to feel like to be sitting at a desk all day, working my ass off while coworkers slacked, only for my boss to pile more work on me because he knew I wouldn’t slack off. I remember the long hours and time spent sitting in traffic. I remember having to work holidays and missing parent-teacher conferences and school concerts and my son’s baseball games. I remember longing for something with more freedom, but feeling trapped for the sake of needing the income.

I made good money in my former career, but my heart ached to be home with my kids, more present in their lives.

Leaving my 10 year career to stay home was scary as hell, but I sit here today, with my kids around me enjoying the start of our weekend and can’t fathom life any other way. Residual Income has been a life changer for us. I’m home with my kiddos because of it. And soon enough, my husband will be home with us too so we can be a full time family!

We are grateful for this life we’ve created that is so unique to our family.

We are blessed and grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally & Jesus who saved us!

This is what #FreedomFriday looks like for us 💚


Are you longing for more freedom in your life? YES? Let’s talk!!

Contact me, because helping others start a life of financial freedom is my forte!! 

With love – JD


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